Five Little   with Hugh

It has now been one full year since I last made my monthly visits to early childhood programs to engage with children and teachers in music/play.  In the thirty-five years prior, the longest that I’d been away from this work that I love was three weeks.  My wife is still teaching (first grade, remotely), so we are fortunate to be able to pay the bills and avoid the real stress and suffering that so many are enduring with the pandemic, but life has certainly been different.  I’ve been busy working on video projects and revising my website, but I didn’t truly realize how much I missed singing with children in person until a few days ago when I was reviewing some episodes of Songs from the Circle, the TV show that I produced with my friend Rusty Brough for ACMi, the community access station here in Arlington, Massachusetts.  The show that I’ve attached here really captures the joy, energy, and spontaneous fun that happens in real-time with real kids that I’ve been privileged to be part of throughout these years.  These past months have been a long, dark tunnel, but we can finally see the light at the end.  Hang in there folks, mask up, get your shots, and….

Keep singing!

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