Songs from the Circle
Almost eight months have passed since I last sang with children and their teachers on March 10. I really miss my visits to early education programs to engage with my friends in music/play. It appears that COVID-19 will keep me, a “non-essential visitor”, from returning to sing “live” well into  2021. Fortunately, my wife and I have been healthy during this time,  practicing social distancing, wearing masks when we go out, and observing the protocols as best we are able. Despite the demands and limitations that the pandemic has imposed, it has given me time to work around our home,  to learn new songs and practice playing my instruments, to spend time with our children and their families (they are in our “bubble”), and to think about how to best continue my work remotely.  

In late April I produced a weekday program of thirty-minute music/play sessions on my Facebook page. These shows ran for five weeks. The songs and activities that I introduced and modeled were the same ones that  I use in my “live” sessions. Encouraged by the feedback from children and their parents and caregivers, I’ve decided to produce more videos to promote music/play in the home and classroom. You can find out about these videos on the A/V Products page. You’ll also find information there about the Circle of Songs Recording/Songbook sets, which are now available in a pdf/mp3 download, as well as a hard-copy CD/Songbook,  and the new Toddler Collection, a pdf/mp3 download. It is my hope that these products will help you and your children create your own music/play fun.  

Please do stay in touch and let me know how you are faring during these strange times. Email I’d love to hear from you.  


Saturday, Nov. 7 Concert, Regent Theatre, 7 Medford St.   Arlington, MA, 10:30 am. Also, Live Streaming   at: 

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