THE CIRCLE OF SONGS – Recording/Songbook sets

Now available in CD/Songbook and MP3/PDF formats.

The Recording Songbook sets that parents, early childhood educators, and children’s librarians are asking for!

The four Circle of Songs recording/songbook sets were developed to promote adult/child interactive singing either in pairs or small groups. Children also enjoy singing these songs by themselves and with their friends. Each set contains songs and activities that are appropriate and great fun for children ages two to seven years and for adults who would like to sing with them. The songs and activities are presented slowly and simply on the recording to help participants learn the songs and to invite participation.

Why has the Circle of Songs recording/songbook series been so well received by children, teachers and parents?

  • Developmentally appropriate for young children
  • An engaging mix of “hands-on” songs, fingerplays, and music activities
  • Simple presentation
  • Invites participation and promotes group singing
  • Clear directions and photo illustrations … and they’re GREAT FUN!

You won’t hear lots of bells and whistles or elaborate production in the Circle of Songs recordings. Early childhood educators know that the music that speaks to the heart of the young child is presented slowly and simply. Their favorite songs are the ones that they can join in on and make their own; songs that are so simple and so much fun that even a grown-up can sing them.

See below for song lists and samples.

Song List and Samples

 Circle of Songs

Click the image to see and hear a sample.

Songs: Get the Rhythm / Alligator Pie / Peanut Butter and Jelly / Johnny Works / The Grand Old Duke of York – Martin Luther King / Elevator / A, B, C Song – Rock & Roll A, B, C / Comin’ ’Round the Mountain / Sticky Bubble Gum Sticky Bubble Gum / It’s Always the Same / Wake Up, You Sleepyheads / My Two Hands / Little Girl, Ready for Bed Little Girl, Ready for Bed (sample) / Here is the Beehive / Baby Bumble Bee / The Paw Paw Patch / Three Rhythmic Chants / Open, Shut Them Open Shut Them (sample) / Blow the Balloon Blow the Balloon (sample) / Father Abraham / The Little Turtle / Ram Sam Sam play / I’ve Been Working on the Railroad / When Cows Get Up in the Morning When Cows Get Up in the Morning / Hands on Shoulder / Chin Chopper / Auntie Monique / Alice the Camel / The Eency Weency Spider / Old Shoes, New Shoes.

Another Circle of Songs

Click the image to see and hear a sample.

Songs: Hello, Sir / Thinkboxer / Here’s a Ball for Baby / Stirring the Brew Stirring the Brew/ Jump in the Puddles Jump in the Puddles/ Ah-Yum Boy, Bubblegum / My Name Is Joe / What Does the Cow Say? / Jump Jim Joe / Second Story Window Second Story Window/ Five Green Apples / A Chubby Little Snowman / Willoughby Wallabee / Two Chants / Thumbkin / Five Little Hot Dogs 5 Little Hot Dogs/ Lemon Drops and Gumdrops / The Roley-Poley Caterpillar The Rolley-Polley Caterpillar / Sodio / Miss Lucy / Miss Lucy Had a Turtle / John Jacob Jinkleheimer-Schmidt / Juan Paco Pedro de la Mar / Pollito…Chicken / Uncle Jesse Uncle Jesse / Tony Chestnut / I’m a Nut / Hickety, Pickety, Bumble Bee

One More Circle of Songs

Click the image to see and hear a sample.

Songs: Mister Knickerbocker / The Little Pig The Little Pig / Tommy Thumb / Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star / Bah, Bah, Black Sheep / The Little Rock / Five Little Fishies / Going to Kentucky / Three Short-Necked Buzzards / On Top of Spaghetti / Here Is a Bunny / Do Your Ears Hang Low? / Sit Down Song / Come On and Clap Come on and Clap / Row, Row, Row Your Boat / Bye-Bye Song / Cinderella Chant / The Eency Weency Spider – La Araña Pequeñita / Mary Had a Little Lamb / Five Little Seashells / That’s What I’d Do / Trick or Treat / A Fingerplay Story / Jingle, Bells / Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear / The Beaver Call / My Dog, Rags / Old Man Moses

 Still Another Circle of Songs

Click the image to see and hear a sample.

Songs: Three Nursery Rhymes / Today Is Monday / There’s a Train / Pirate Ship / Five Little Pumpkins Five Little Pumpkins / Who’s in Rabbit’s House / Jack-in-the-Box / The Sleeping Bunnies The Sleeping Bunnies / Turkey in the Straw Turkey in the Straw / Two Little Hands/Dos Manitos / Rickabamboo / Five Little Bunnies / Bye-Bye / Fruit Tree Chants / Cabin in the Woods / I Saw a Bear / Falling Leaves / Raking the Leaves Raking the Leaves / Five Little Peas / Firefighter’s Medley / Where They Work / Take Me Out to the Ball Game / Gray Squirrel / Five Little Soldiers / Los Pollitos / Barges Barges / Inka Dinka Doo / You Can Leave the Circle

The Toddler Collection

Selections from the Circle of Songs Series chosen especially for toddlers. Only available in MP3/PDF download.

Session I 15:38
1. Come on and Clap (Tom Hunter) Come on and Clap 2:27
2. Johnny Works with One Hammer 1:15
3. Sticky Bubble Gum 2:15
4. Jump in the Puddles Jump in the Puddles 2:00
5. Here is a Bunny 1:35
6. Five Little Hot Dogs 1:42
7. ABC Song/Rock and Roll ABC 1:32
8. Grand Old Duke of York/ MLK 1:43
9. Elevator 1:09

Session II 16:54
1. What Does The Cow Say? 4:08
2. The Rolley-Polley Caterpillar The Rolley-Polley Caterpillar 1:02
3. It’s Always the Same 1:50
4. The Sleeping Bunnies  2:08
5. Jack in the Box Jack in the Box 1:13
6. Open, Shut Them 1:40
7. Five Little Peas 1:06
8. Twinkle, Twinkle/Baa Baa 2:47

Session III 15:44
1. There’s a Train 2:27
2. The Little Pig The Little Pig 0:50
3. Five Little Bunnies 2:37
4. Falling Leaves 1:20
5. Raking the Leaves 1:52
6. I’ve Been Working on the Railroad 1:41
7. Chin Chopper 1:41
8. Wake Up, You Sleepyheads 3:16

Session IV 16:56
1. Jingle, Bells 2:01
2. Here’s a Ball for Baby 1:28
3. Blow the Balloon 1:42
4. Five Little Pumpkins Five Little Pumpkins 2:41
5. Gray Squirrel 1:46
6. A Chubby Little Snowman 1:04
7. Little Girl/Boy, Ready for Bed  Little Girl/Boy, Ready for Bed 1:35
8. Uncle Jesse 4:39

Quotes From Parents, Teachers & Librarians

“… after 4 years of trying to keep my children awake in the car – so they’d nap at home – we discovered your music. Works better than Cheerios! You should be a brand.”

Becky Kingston, Winchester, MA

“Hugh Hanley has given us a treasure trove of fun fingerplays that our school cherishes.”

Bev Bos, Director, Roseville Community Preschool, Roseville, CA

“I would be absolutely lost without your music.”Sally Curley, St.

Christopher’s Day School, Gladwyne, PA

“I have to tell you that you have exceeded my expectations! Your music is pure magic!”

Lisa Diamant, Lexington, MA

“The transition songs are excellent for moving preschool children from one activity to another.”

Texas Child Care, Summer 2001

“Please send me a copy of Another Circle of Songs, book and tape. You have helped me enormously with my story hours.”

Liz Verzina, Billerica Public Library, Billerica, MA

“I am currently the ‘Music Teacher’ at a preschool here in Baton Rouge – and have used several of your songs with absolutely tremendous success! …I can always count on your songs to get EVERYONE’s attention…”

Judy Zahrndt, Baton Rouge, LA

“…I have Circle of Songs and Another Circle of Songs and they are absolutely excellent resources for my work as a preschool teacher of 3 to 5 year olds. We love singing these songs! Your book with lyrics and pictures with descriptions is perfect!”

Nancy Johnson, Cooperative Playschool, State College, PA

“This note is being written to share a small miracle. My son has a problem with delayed speech. At the age of 3 he was unable to speak clearly, never mind sing along with a tape. He was recently given your tape as a gift. Currently we own a case full of music cassettes. He was never able to distinguish the words over the music and various other voices…. Then one day I heard my son sing, loud and clear Sticky Bubble Gum! Needless to say the rejoicing and praise continues. He is now able to sing every song on your tape….
Many thanks from a grateful mom whose child can now truly enjoy the simple pleasure of singing.”

Boston area parent

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